Underground river experience

Undoubtedly, Wakax Hacienda’s best kept secret is our amazing Underground River Experience. In this 45 min adventure we will take you on an astonishing swimming journey through a beautiful semi-flodded cavern, where you will enjoy breathtaking views of spectacular ancient geological formations (stalactites, stalagmites, etc...) among pristine transparent blue waters. Here, you will learn about the unique and rare wild life that inhabits the underground river systems of the Yucatan Peninsula (the biggest in the world...), and why they are considered the “world’s capital” for cave diving.

Also, you will find out why these semi-flooded caves were, and are still, considered sacred places for the mayan people, and how crucial these rivers were in the development of their civilization and cosmology. And last, but not least, you will experience first hand why the Yucatan Peninsula is the best, and only, place in the world where you can do this type of water “spelunking” adventure at the ultimate level.


-Minimum age 15.
-Only good swimmers allowed.
-Use of lifejacket and helmet is required.
-Use of water shoes is optional.
-Not recommended for people with claustrophobia.
-Removal of body creams, oils, lotions or insect repellents is mandatory before entering the water.
-No cameras or cell phones allowed.
-You must be in good physical condition to participate in this activity.

Note: This activity does not require to put your head underwater at any time, so goggles, masks and other snorkeling equipment is not needed and/or permitted.

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