Free your mind, indulge in relaxation and happiness in perfect balance with the natural elements. Awake your senses to the call of the wind, the voice of the jungle, and the human energy. Feel the Wakax Wellness Experiences.


We offer a wide variety of types of massages designed to satisfy your needs. Indulge in a self-care experience in a gorgeous, tranquil environment.

Wellness - Wakax Hacienda Tulum

Relaxing Massage

Our relaxing massage relieves minor physical pain or discomfort by applying soft and superficial pressure techniques to your body. Allowing you to achieve a sense of relaxation and well-being.

Wellness - Wakax Hacienda Tulum

Holistic Massage

Designed to adapt to the needs of each person through the use of different techniques. Pressures ranging from moderate to vigorous are applied for a more personalized massage. This technique is focused on healing various physical problems.

Wellness - Wakax Hacienda Tulum

Deep Tissue Massage

We recommend our deep tissue massage for those who practice sports or perform more intense movements; More penetrating pressure techniques are applied to heal specific parts of the body. This massage is ideal for relieving stiffness and muscle pain after a day of physical activity.

Temazcal Sweat Lodge Ceremony Experience

Experience a connection to your inner self, converging with the natural elements and the voices of the wise ancestors in our Sweat Lodge Ceremony Experience. You’ll participate in an ancient indigenous “sauna-like” ritual that seeks to transform you into a fearless warrior.

Join our Shaman around a ceremonial altar. He will offer all the participants some Ceremonial Tea. Here, he will also extend an invitation to the 4 oldest gods (the 4 elements of nature) to participate in the ceremony and share their wisdom with you. Then, he’ll invite you and the 4 oldest gods (also known as Abuelitos – grandpas) to enter an igloo-shaped stone structure that symbolizes the womb of mother earth.

Before entering, you and the other participants will sound Mayan ceremonial seashells and make Copal (Mayan ceremonial incense) offering to ask for guidance and protection from the gods during the ritual. Once everybody is inside, incandescent volcanic stones will be placed in the center, and the door will be closed. Then, in total darkness, the Shaman will toss water into the rocks to turn the interior into a sauna-like room. The 4 oldest gods will share their wisdom with the participants to conquer their fears and thus become brave warriors.

After completing a 4 step ritual process, the Shaman will turn on the light, open the door and give you a warm water baptism to celebrate your rebirth as a warrior. At the end of the ceremony, the participants will have the option to swim in the fresh waters of the cenote and will be offered fresh fruit and water.


  • Duration 2 hrs total (30 min inside sweat lodge).
  • Minimum age 12 years.
    Not recommended for people with claustrophobia.
  • Dress code: white clothes, a bathing suit underclothes, and easy to remove footwear.
  • Cameras and cellphones are allowed, but only outside the sweat lodge.
  • Removal of creams, oils, lotions or repellents is mandatory before entering the cenote.

Note: this is an authentic indigenous Mayan ceremony performed by an authentic Mayan Shaman. We kindly ask you to respect the dress code and abstain from talking loudly or making loud noises during the ceremony.


At Wakax Hacienda it is possible to feel an energetic connection with the natural elements, making it an ideal place for meditation, physical activity and the practice of yoga. Our beautiful facilities are a perfect place to recharge energies and practice self-care while enjoying the ancient practice of yoga in a peaceful, spiritually charged environment.
Enjoy a unique connection with nature at Hacienda Wakax.
Wellness - Wakax Hacienda Tulum

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